Thursday, September 10, 2009

Well...I am VERY happy to say I won 3 collage sheets for my artwork on Helga's blog...The contest was to have someone holding something. I will post the pics now!


  1. Hi Gena... I really like "Fly Away". Love your work! It was great meeting you today, and working with you at Art & Soul, even though the class left a little something to be desired. Still fun. I'm glad I sat at that table... we had a nice group. Let's definitely stay in touch. Hey, now you have TWO followers... me and that guy in the Middle East. :)

  2. Hi Gena,
    I am from Artchix yahoo group.
    I just joined as a follower of your blog, I love your art style. The first art lady screams so very cool above,the colours are beautiful.(my faves)All your art is lovely, I will be back. Really enjoyed viewing your blog. I love Art PAPER DOLLS.
    I can see why you won, fabulous. Do a big happy dance, thrilled for you.
    Hugs, Laura.