Friday, October 2, 2009


Here is one of mine.
I am not happy with her arms ...but I think "she" turned out pretty good. She needs a name...
any suggestions?


  1. Love her!! She looks like a Beatrice to me. I love how you did her arms too. So did I see that you said you made her with polymer clay over foil? I need to try that. She's got a lot of character. How fun you get to meet Helga in person. Have fun!!

  2. Very cool Gina!

    She looks like Madame Zadora to me. :)

    Cindy :)

    Have a great time!

  3. So wonderful Gena,I just joined as a follower of your blog.I will be back,I enjoyed viewing your blog very much !!!! I love her, to piece's.
    Love art dolls. Hugs, Laura.

  4. Gena,I forgot to suggest a name. My daughter picked "Ms.Prissy Pants".LOL. I picked Ms. Diva Artistic Rose.(say it with a french accent too. hahaha) Well there you go, this was fun. Hugs,again Laura.
    She looks like a firecracker, that is a good thing. LOL. Thanks for sharing her.

  5. I love dolls and yours is really awsome.
    Barbara DeLisle

  6. Hello, such a lovely doll! In honour of your getting to meet Helga, I choose "Lady Helga" for her name.
    Joined your followers to see more of you doll creations!
    Xo's Johnna

  7. First time here, enjoying viewing your artwork so far. I was thinking "Lilly" that's what came up when i looked at her. I've always wanted to try to make a doll, very inspiring!