Thursday, November 5, 2009

FLU FLu Go AwAy!!!!!

Well, I am getting over the H1N1 flu virus and very thankful that I am amongst the living. I went on the CDC website and it said that 99% of flu viruses out right now are the "swine flu" Pretty scary. All 3 of my kiddies have gotten it too. I work at an elementary school and last wee the kids were going home right and left. I have been working on some CHRISTmas paper mache and fimo snowmen for an up coming bazzaar. WOW, they have been alot of work...layer after layer, the time you sell them you probably make 10 cents an hour!

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  1. I have done some papier mache dolls, and have decided to "cheat" from now on... using paperclay or Sculpey under for the main shape, then layering paper over just the outside. Too much drying time otherwise. VERY labor intensive! I made two papier mache mermaid marionettes for my granddaughters a couple of years ago, and each took 20+ hours.